KYZRA’s “Neo”: Fusion of House, Electro, and Breakbeat, Launching September 15, 2023


Las Vegas, USA – One of Las Vegas’s most dynamic electronic music producers, KYZRA, is set to release his highly-anticipated track, “Neo”, on September 15, 2023.

Seamlessly blending the immersive depths of House, the electrifying pulses of Electro, the soulful vibes of Deep House, and the rhythmic intensity of Breakbeat and Drum&Bass, “Neo” epitomizes the future of genre fusion.

“Neo” promises to be a musical revelation, characterized by high-energy beats and a positively infectious mood. It invites listeners into a realm where energetic and uplifting tones marry chill and optimistic vibes, resulting in a harmonious symphony. The track’s movement, defined by its groovy, bouncy, and pulsing rhythms, encapsulates an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

Discussing the essence of “Neo”, KYZRA mentions, “With ‘Neo’, I aimed to harness the very essence of tomorrow’s music – a blend of classic and contemporary wrapped up. It’s a track that invites listeners to make every moment memorable.”

Fans eager for a pre-release taste can catch exclusive snippets on

Upon its launch, the track will be widely available across premier streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more.

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Record Label: ARK CREATIVE

About KYZRA:
Rising from the vibrant sonic city of Las Vegas, KYZRA has consistently showcased his ability to transcend traditional music boundaries. An innovative approach to electronic music, which involves blending genres into cohesive and captivating anthems, has earned accolades and a growing global fanbase. “Neo” stands as a testament to KYZRA’s evolving artistry and commitment to pushing the auditory envelope.


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