KYZRA Achieves New Heights with “Elevation” – Electronic Dance Music, Launch on July 21, 2023


Las Vegas, USA – The EDM scene gets fired up with KYZRA’s latest track. Seamlessly merging genres, “Elevation” is a symphonic fusion that interlaces Electronic Dance Music, House, Pop, and Techno into one harmonious and captivating track.

With “Elevation”, the journey is both a sonic and emotional one. It captivates listeners, taking them through aggressive, dark terrains, only to lift them into realms of energy, epic grandeur, and ultimate upliftment. It’s a track that promises to keep up with high energy, while maintaining a neutral emotional profile, ensuring it caters to diverse audiences and resonates on various levels.

Sharing insights on the inspiration behind “Elevation”, KYZRA stated, “Music has the power to elevate our souls, to push our boundaries. ‘Elevation’ is a reflection of that journey – from our passions to our aspirations.”

Embodying the spirit of Las Vegas’s thriving electronic music scene, EDM visionary KYZRA announces a groundbreaking track.

As the title suggests, “Elevation” is designed to elevate – to transport listeners. The track is masterfully engineered to appeal to both EDM enthusiasts and general music lovers, ensuring wide reach and playability across radio stations, dance clubs, and streaming platforms globally.

Speaking about the core essence of “Elevation”, KYZRA commented, “In today’s dynamic world, music is the universal language that connects us. It’s about transcending barriers, embracing diverse music genres, and creating an experience that resonates on a global scale.”

For a glimpse into “Elevation” before its official release, fans can tune to

Post-launch, the track will be ready for streaming and downloading on platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more.

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About KYZRA:
Creating a niche in the vibrant soundscape of Las Vegas, KYZRA stands as a beacon in the EDM universe. Known for blending diverse genres into cohesive, evocative anthems has garnered acclaim and a rapidly growing fanbase. Continuing to push boundaries, KYZRA remains committed to crafting musical experiences that both challenge and captivate.




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